How Test to Treat Works

The earlier you start treating COVID-19 after a positive test, the better. With our Test to Treat program, access to potentially lifesaving treatments is easier than ever.

We’ll connect you to a healthcare provider and, if needed, write and fill a prescription for an antiviral medication – all at the same spot.


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Worksite Labs is here to make healthcare simple. We accept all major US insurance and cash.
  • Pre-screen phone call to confirm positive case
  • Treatment and prescription
  • Proactive follow-up from our providers and progress tracking
  • Laboratory services (bloodwork & urine, at select locations)


Step 1

Get tested

Take a COVID-19 test with us or through your primary care provider.



Step 2

Schedule a consultation

If you test positive, schedule a consultation with one of our providers.


Step 3

Get treated

If needed, get your prescription filled and start recovering. Your provider will follow up in a few days.